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Allen|Family of three Whitney and Ryan have been a family of three for three months now (well really family of four-can't forget pearl) and I think they have it down.  Two thumbs up to you both! Miss A is beautiful and precious:)


Leave them some love in the comment section below to let them know just how cute their lil' ruffle butt is!3 months-34 3 months-22

3 months-32

3 months-3 3 months-38 3 months-46

3 months-52 3 months-62 3 months-79

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Smash Cake|1 year Smash Cake




To book your smash cake session email [email protected]


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Emilee| 5 years At almost five years old Miss Emilee thoroughly impressed me in just a short 30 minutes.  From  counting to singing, she reminded me how much I love to see kids just being themselves.  As a former educator, my favorite part of the school year was always the "All About Me" project at the beginning.  I loved to see each child get excited about a moment to share their awesomeness.

Well boy did she nail that!!!  

I now know her favorite song, movie, foods and what she would like to be when she grows up.  It was an absolute delight to work with her and as I would say in the classroom, "Thank you for sharing!"

Summer 2013-19 Summer 2013-27 Summer 2013-54

Summer 2013-51 Summer 2013-41 Summer 2013-34 Summer 2013-25 Summer 2013-5 I would love to hear from you!! Feel free to leave your comment below.  20 comments will earn Miss Emilee 2 FREE 5x7 prints!

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Baby V Reveal Baby V reveal


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Waiting on Baby V|Personal Post  

Waiting on Baby C

Welcome family, friends & clients!

I do not write many or any personal posts, but today is an extra special day!  TODAY is the day we find out what this lil' sweet tater is (that is the comparable size at 18 weeks).  

Do I have a guess you might ask??? Nope. Not a clue.  I told Jeff (the hubby, father, daddy, hard working man in these photographs) just this week that even though it is only 50/50 I still feel like my guess would be wrong!  I can assure you we will be completely smitten and excited either way.


Am I curious what you think Baby V is going to be??? Of course!! Feel free to leave your guess in the comment section :)  


A special THANK YOU to friendtographer Brittney Lewis of BrittneySheyPhotography for these beautiful photographs that we will be able to cherish forever and ever.  You are amazing and have blessed my life with your creativity!


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Le Blanc|Family of love  

You may not know the Le Blanc family, but just from these photographs you can see a little piece of each of them.  This family has been absolutely amazing to shoot.  From creative ideas to sentimental props, everything has a story.  Take a moment to soak up their contagious affection and magical smiles. They truly are a family full of love!


Summer 2013-15

Summer 2013-10 Summer 2013-19


Summer 2013-40

Summer 2013-42 Summer 2013-55

Summer 2013-93 Summer 2013-100 Summer 2013-30 20 comments below earn them 2 5x7 prints.

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Jones Wedding Kateline sneakpeekblog1

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Celebrate love A true love story never ends...  


July of this year will mark the fifth year of marriage for my wonderful husband and myself.  It is so easy for me to forget during day to day life what brought us together and keeps our love growing.  Sometimes it is not until I share our story that those butterflies come back and I remember how truly lucky I am that our paths crossed.  

The "Celebrate Love" contest gives you an opportunity to share your story or a friends and maybe, just maybe bring back that little spark!   So take a little time, type it out and celebrate the love!


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Murphy Family Nothing says love like giggles, tickles and lots of kisses. Boy, oh boy were there a ton of them at this sweet session.  This brave Mommy headed out between rain storms just 10 days before her due date to get a few last photos with her first little love before boy number two made his way into the world.    Aren't they absolutely precious?!?!?

Feel free to leave them some love in the comment section below!



Mommy & Me-51

Mommy & Me-43 Mommy & Me-59 Mommy & Me-34
Mommy & Me-64
Mommy & Me-56 Mommy & Me-73 Mommy & Me-59


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Petroff Shower Burlap, owls, mason jars and good food...Just what I love! Miss Olivia is expected to arrive in June and will be greeted with nothing but love and excitement!


Shower-60 Shower-77


Shower-29 Shower-52


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Thankful Thursdays  

First off, let me tell you that I am TeRrIbLe at blogging-like takes hours, don't know what to say, never post, questioning every statement- type of terrible.  

On the drive home from visiting in Cincinnati (cough cough this is a week late) I was reflecting on the many blessings in my life and how absolutely wonderful it was to be able to visit with so many friends and family, but also work.  I was overwhelmed with the feeling of peace and happiness that the week had brought me.

I began to could I turn celebrating life’s little blessing into a weekly event.a blog?!?  Could I actually be consistent? My final answer was…you have to start somewhere and you will not know until you try!

I remembered back to when a sweet friend and colleague of my husband posted her “Daily 5 Blessings” and how nice it was to see someone celebrate their accomplishments big and small.    So many times we hear nothing but negativity and bad news from various forms of media, but I have found the more times you say “thank you” in life, the more things you actually have to be thankful for.  So here it goes!

Thankful Thursdays

Top 5

1. Family...Duh enough said

2. Lifelong know the kind that you don't talk to every day, but feels like you do when you see them

3. Sunshine...the sunshine was gorgeous and golden so many times that week

4. Repeat Business... no brainer

5. All the steps I have taken to get here...too many to list in one post

Mom and dad-1













Boys Spring-23
Boys Spring-33

These photos are the evidence of my blessings.  I promise each week will not be this long or contain as many errors (ha), but maybe just maybe it will keep you coming back!  Enjoy:) Leave me some love in the comment section or share one of your own blessings below!

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Love of a family So many times we speed through life without taking a moment to absorb the beauty all around.  Capturing the love of a family is a precious time and one that I enjoy greatly.  I love getting to know each family and learn their story.  Each story a little different, each name chosen wisely, but all surrounded love and support.

















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Mommy & Me|Nashville Family Photographer  


Mommy & Me

A wonderful friend & client shared a link to a blog months ago and I have been waiting for the perfect time to share! With Mother's Day just around the corner I thought... why not share it now!?!  So many times the hard work of a Mother gets overlooked.  I am not a Mommy yet, but I can only image it consists of long hours, endless laundry and lots of love.  

If you are a Mommy or a super sweet Daddy who loves a beautiful Mommy please share, read and feel free to book a Mommy & Me mini session in May.  


Click on the link below to read, laugh, relate and enjoy!






10 booked Mommy and Me Minis = a free session for the Mommy who shared!

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Day at the beach

Fun in the Sun

107 degree weather calls for "creative" shooting.  When I say creative, I really mean quick!  This photograph was taken around 6:00 in the evening on Percy Priest Lake.  The summer sun was strong, but beautiful.  I really struggled with which photograph to post on and after a great debate it was narrowed down to this photo of Lil' Miss being sassy.  


This photograph really defines her personality; strong willed, but absolutely lovely. 

Canon 7d. 1/4000. f2.8. ISO400

I bumped up the contrast and fill light then added a little sunny glow.




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